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6th March 2017 




Dear Sir, 


Re: Daylight saving time -Summer Time Shift – U.S. & Europe Markets.


Please be informed that due to Daylight saving time (DST) - summer time shift in U.S.& Europe, trading hours of all related future contracts will be adjusted by advancing the clocks by one hour during the summer accordingly:-

U.S. DST summer shift with effective - 12th March 2017 (Sunday) onward.
Europe DST summer time shift with effective – 26
th March 2017 (Sunday) onward.

Please contact your Account Executive for trading hours of future contracts.


鑑於美國、歐洲將轉行夏令時間,所有期貨之交易時間將提前一小時交易,敬希客戶 垂注相對作出調整。如欲查詢個別期貨之交易時間,請與閣下之客戶主任聯絡。

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美國將於 2017 3 12 (星期日)轉行夏令時間。

歐洲將於 2017 3 26 (星期日)轉行夏令時間。


Thank you for your attention.


Dealing & Operations Department
Fuji Hong Kong Commodities Co. Ltd.


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